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March 30th, 2012
Transmar Presents Liberian Farmer Associations with Quality Awards
Working in conjunction with ACDI/VOCA, Transmar was pleased to provide three Farmer's Associations with awards for the achievement of high quality levels of cocoa.

Of the 20 Farmer's Associations established in Liberia and working with ACDI/VOCA, these three strove for the cultivation and delivery of quality cocoa. To recognize their hard work and positive results, the Transmar Group awarded the Farmer's Associations with inputs including scales, tarps and jute bags.

Transmar employees Nathaniel Durant and Caitlin Smith were on hand to present the awards, which were given March 14, 2012 in Monrovia.

The Farmer's Associations receiving the awards were (from left) Sebehill, Tarpeleseh and Buu Yao, located in Lofa and Nimba Counties, respectively.