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January 6th, 2015
In 2012, cocoa industry stakeholders began to work on a definition of a standard sustainable cocoa. In the fall of 2012 all participant groups adopted the standard ISO CEN/TC415 Standard for traceable and sustainable cocoa.
An ISO CEN standard is a European and international standard format that set out specifications with regard to a specific product or material in this case sustainable cocoa.

The vision and the goal for the standard is that the result should be a clear, measurable, actionable and robust standard, which should be cost-effective for all stakeholders. It should have the following objectives:

It should have the following objectives:

Clarity and transparency requirements both for sustainability in the production of cocoa, as well as the traceability of cocoa beans and cocoa products;

Establishment of a credible and transparent process for long-term sustainable production of cocoa;
Promotion of an active participation of both cocoa consuming countries and cocoa producing countries throughout the process of developing the standards;

Development of an effective and practical standard, recognized worldwide both for its inclusiveness and by the effectiveness in achieving long-term sustainability goals, which are critical for all standards of sustainability;
Combating forced labor and abusive child labor in accordance with the conventions of the International Labor Organization (ILO);

Support the improvement of living standards, social conditions, working conditions and the health and safety of the people who are involved in cocoa farming;

Improve the impact of productive and sustainable production on the environment;
Increase incomes of farmers and increase their standard of living, including increasing the productivity of cocoa cultivation;

Increase the production of sustainable cocoa beans in an efficient manner at a reasonable cost;
Support and promote transparency, keeping in mind all costs and economic impacts of certification;
Promote farmer organizations, including cooperatives and empowerment (strengthening of farmers and their perceptions of responsibility for the farm);

Improve communication around traceability and sustainability of cocoa products;

Cooperate with ISO/TC 34 in terms of quality and food safety of cocoa.

Euromar/Transmar Group supports the process and we are involved through our membership in BDSI (the Federal Association of the German Confectionary Industry), our participation in the German mirror committee (DIN) as well as in the technical workgroup on traceability for CEN.