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February 2th, 2015
Transmar Group is happy to announce that Senior Vice President Mary Johnson was elected to the Board of Directors of the World Cocoa Foundation (WCF).
The Board Members are elected by a vote of the WCF members and the result of the election was announced during the WCF Membership Assembly in Copenhagen in October, 2014. The new Board will meet for the first time in early February in London.

Transmar Group and its subsidiaries, including Euromar and Transmar Ecuador, have been active members of World Cocoa Foundation since 2006. Election to the Board is a welcomed opportunity to increase the company commitment and involvement in the WCF agenda and the important work and impact it has on the industry.

Mary Johnson will bring with her many years of experience from the cocoa industry and the promotion of a more sustainable supply chain. She has been the leading force in defining the Transmar Group's worldwide Sustainability activities, serves on the company's management board for strategic and operational practices, and is responsible for oversight of those practices in Transmar's two US based processing plants. It is this background and expertise which will put her in good stead as a representative of the SME category on the Board.

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