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March 4, 2016
Global Strategy Meeting
During the first week of March, 2016, Transmar Group held its first Global Strategy Meeting in Morristown, New Jersey. Attendees included members of the Transmar Group Commercial, Finance, Sustainability, Systems, and Logistics departments from each of Transmar's global entities. Also in attendance were members of the ITOCHU team that will be involved in the new Transmar/ITOCHU joint venture.

Peter G. Johnson, President and Chief Executive Officer, Transmar Group, presented the Company's strategic vision and direction, stating that "this is an exciting opportunity to help the company grow and keep pace with the dynamic changes that are occurring throughout the cocoa supply chain." In addition, commercial strategy was discussed, key initiatives were outlined, and the new corporate governance structure was elucidated.

This event also served as an opportunity for important members of the ITOCHU team to be introduced to Transmar.

The event concluded with a dinner to celebrate and toast to the success of the Transmar/ITOCHU partnership. At this dinner, gifts were exchanged between the ITOCHU team and upper management of Transmar Group and a ceremonial painting was created by Mr. Johnson and Mr. Takeshi Takasugi, Vice President, Food Company, ITOCHU. This proved to be a productive and enjoyable event for all involved.

Peter B Johnson, Chief Commercial Officer, Transmar Group, presenting on market price trends and trading strategy.

Stephen Wesel, Director- Enterprise Business Development, ITOCHU, introducing the ITOCHU Food Division

Transmar Group and ITOCHU celebrating the launch of the new partnership at the celebratory dinner

Peter G. Johnson of Transmar Group, and Takeshi Takasugi of ITOCHU, holding ceremonial paintings created in honor of the joint venture

Timothy Johnson, Chief Operating Officer, Transmar Group, presenting Takeshi Takasugi with a ceremonial gift

Members of the team that ushered in the Transmar ITOCHU joint venture

The Johnson Family with the ITOCHU team