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August 21, 2016
Construction of Houses for Ecuador Earthquake Victims is Complete
Following the devastating earthquake that struck Ecuador in April, Transmar Group donated funds to Hogar del Cristo, a nonprofit organization, to build an emergency encampment for twelve families affected by this disaster.

After a thorough search, it was decided to build the encampment in Quininde, an area in which many of Transmar Group's cocoa suppliers live and work. On August 21, the construction was complete, and the families were able to move in.

In addition to providing the funds for this project, eight Transmar Ecuador employees volunteered their time and helped participate in the construction. The participants included:
1. Carlos Huerta, Industrial Security
2. Betty Velasco, Nurse
3. Stephanie Simisterra, Accounting
4. Beatriz Tigua, Finance
5. Ronald Rodriguez, HR
6. Yonny Pilozo, Security
7. Jimmy Jaime, Plant
8. Luis Romero, Maintenace

These participants were honored for their selfless service at a recent company integration event.

Transmar Ecuador volunteers, Hogar del Cristo staff, and the recipient families' heads of households gather before construction began.

The blue tent is an example of the temporary shelters the families were previously living in.

Construction begins on of one the twelve houses.

Beneficiaries and volunteers celebrate the completion of one of the houses.