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At Transmar Group, we love chocolate.

That is why we strive to provide only the highest quality cocoa products to the confectionary, ice cream and bakery industries. Our client is our focus, and as such, we work hard to offer the most competitive prices and most responsive customer service in the business.

To meet our customers’ varied needs, we supply the full spectrum of cocoa products—beans, nibs, liquor, butter, powder and cake—each of which can be tailored to meet the most stringent of specifications.

Our personalized approach combined with our global presence puts us in a unique position to provide exactly what our customers want, when they want it.



Cocoa beans are at the heart of what we do.

We take pride in offering origin-specific beans that are meticulously chosen from countries throughout Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean. We have the capacity to supply a variety of types and volumes, from conventional beans in bulk shipments to small volumes of fine-flavor cocoa.

Our commercial team will work with customers to select products on the basis of traceability, sustainability, and flavor criteria. Our various operations in origin countries combined with our sustainability programs throughout the world have helped us to develop close working relationships with our suppliers.

These relationships have enabled us to ensure traceability along the supply chain and to easily accommodate our customers’ specifications for bean selection, post-harvest handling, and flavor profile matching.


We think of cocoa liquor procurement as an art form.

Whether our customers desire the rich, chocolatey flavor from the Ivory Coast or the floral aroma from Ecuador, our team of experts is dedicated to sourcing and producing superior liquor to enhance our customers’ final products.

Our team can assist customers in selecting the perfect blend of beans and roasting conditions to grind a tailor-made cocoa liquor that is ideal for their chocolate.

Our production plants across the globe allow us to customize each stage of the process in order to meet exact flavor profiles and specifications. To make delivery more convenient, our liquor can be shipped in a variety of forms including solid boxes, chips, kibbled, or liquid.


Cocoa powder has the power to transform ordinary products into colorful, flavorful treats.

For that reason, Transmar Group sources and produces a wide array of cocoa powders. At our plants around the world, we mill our own powder, giving us the ability to control and influence its color, flavor, and aroma.

In order to extract nuanced differences in the sensory profiles of our powder, we use different milling techniques. We can mill powder naturally or with alkalization.

We can also produce high fat, low fat, or nonfat options. To best meet our customers’ needs, we sell our powder in different quantities from 1 kg to bulk.


Cocoa butter is key to creating that melt-in-your-mouth experience of biting into a chocolate bar.

That is why our cocoa butter operations play such an important role in our business. At our grinding facilities, we select the best beans from which to extract our high-quality butter.

At our melting and deodorizing plants, we have sample matching capabilities, which allow us to create custom blends to match flavor and quality specifications. We also source top-shelf, competitively priced natural and deodorized butter.

Our products can be shipped in either liquid or block form and timely delivery can be ensured thanks to our global network of operations.


The chocolate market is evolving. The demand for fine-flavor cocoa is on the rise. The bean-to-bar chocolate industry is booming.

That’s why we have launched a specialty division, Craft Pantry, which caters to this flourishing community of passionate craft chocolate makers and small chocolatiers.

Craft Pantry specializes in sourcing directly from farmers in the most desirable fine-flavor origin countries. Our local sourcing experts can help customers select beans and products from a variety of traceability levels—from farms and cooperatives to regions and countries.