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We work hard to satisfy our customers.

As our company has grown, so has the variety of our products and services. This is a reflection of the entrepreneurial spirit that has guided our company since its inception.

Although we have grown into a large multinational enterprise, we have maintained the personality and flexibility of our small independent roots. This enables us to provide high-quality products at industry-best prices and to give personal attention to all of our customers.

We will continue to pursue this balance between growth and service so that we can remain the best overall value in the marketplace.


The best chocolate begins with the best beans.

Transmar Group’s global presence allows us to have immediate access to a wide variety of cocoa from all of the major producing countries, as well as from the niche specialty origins.

Our network of upcountry bean sourcing and sustainability operations in producing countries allows us to identify and secure high-quality products from specialized suppliers or regions. These operations help us deliver tailor-made solutions to our customers with focuses ranging from traceable or sustainable to certified or fine flavor cocoa.

We collaborate with customers and suppliers alike in order to meet quality and sensory specifications.


Moving cocoa around the world is our specialty.

A significant challenge for cocoa farmers is getting goods to the marketplace. Transmar Group’s global reach and extensive experience in exporting, shipping, delivery and warehousing makes this process seamless.

We ensure that beans and products arrive smoothly from origin countries to customers’ facilities. We also maintain a constant stock of ready inventory in order to facilitate the timely delivery of beans and products.


The process of turning beans into chocolate is a magical one.

For some chocolate makers, it is not always possible or economically viable to process beans themselves. To support these customers, we produce semi-finished products at our grinding and melting facilities around the globe. We convert cocoa beans into nibs, liquor, butter, cake and powder.

We also provide customers with solid product storage, melting, blending, liquid tankage, delivery and quality control. Our facilities operate at the highest standard and hold a range of certifications including ISO 9001, HACCP, SQF, Organic, Kosher, HALAL, Rainforest Alliance, Fair Trade, Ecuador Quality of Origin and UTZ.


The cocoa market is notoriously volatile.

Weather, geopolitics and economic fluctuations all combine to create an atmosphere of uncertainty within the cocoa industry. We recognize this reality; for this reason, we offer a variety of risk mitigation services to help our customers manage their exposure.

We have been in the cocoa industry for over 35 years, which has made us foremost experts on cocoa pricing, cocoa futures and market trends. Our presence in origin countries, as well as consumer countries, allows us to keep a finger on the pulse of supply and demand. We offer the provision of hedging mechanisms through differential and ratio contracts.

We also provide strategic maximum pricing solutions, foreign exchange flexibility and contract and quality default risk mitigation through close management of origin suppliers.


Quality matters.

From the trading room to the laboratory, we are always thinking about securing and producing safe, high-quality, and flavorful products. To ensure quality and food safety, we have undergone rigorous certification protocols and controls, and we have established labs at our production facilities to test our products at each stage of the process.

At origin, we do bean cuts to analyze the raw material and only purchase the beans that meet our customers’ flavor specifications. At our production plants around the globe, our in-house laboratories test for microbiological, fat and moisture contents, and pH levels.

Our labs also boast panels of experienced quality and sensory experts who sample liquor and butter before shipping.