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We are proud to be a family owned and operated business.

The Transmar family began with the formation of the Transmar Commodity Group in 1980 by the experienced cocoa trader Peter G. Johnson. Driven by a vision of creating consolidated solutions for the industry, our portfolio of services has expanded to include every facet of the cocoa product supply chain from bean sourcing, logistics, processing, and risk mitigation to semi-finished products.

Transmar Group is now one of the oldest privately-owned cocoa trade houses in the United States and is led by two generations of the Johnson family.


Transmar is a family. What started as a small, family owned business has grown into a multinational corporation. Today, it is led by its Executive Committee, which is comprised of its senior-most officers and directors, including two generations of the Johnson family. This committee is charged with making major strategic, financial, and operational decisions for the company and, ultimately, ensuring the integrity of the Group at every level.

Chief Executive Officer
Peter G. Johnson

Peter G. Johnson is the founder of Transmar Group. Under his leadership, the Group has grown over the span of 30 years into one of the world’s leading suppliers of cocoa products.

Chief Sustainability Officer
Mary Johnson

Mary Johnson started with Transmar Group in 2004 and has been pivotal in developing and managing the company’s Sustainability platform as well as the direction of the day-to-day operations at the US production facilities.

Managing Director Cocoa

Peter B. Johnson

Peter B. Johnson began working with Transmar Group in 2002 developing a broad skill set managing projects in both Europe and Africa and directing the Euromar business from its start-up phase through today as the leading independent cocoa products processor in Europe.

Director of Business Development

Timothy B. Johnson

Timothy Johnson began with Transmar Group in 2004 and has earned extensive international management, customer relations and business development expertise managing the Group’s Latin American operations and the Group’s corporate consolidation.

Director of Mergers & Acquistions

William Yu

William Yu joined Transmar Group in 2014 with more than 15 years of transaction experience to help drive the company’s continued growth by working with the Company’s executive management and finance teams on the identification and execution of strategic and financing transactions.

Director of Structured Finance

Thomas Reich

Thomas Reich joined Transmar Group in 2011 and immediately utilized his over 30 years of commodity finance experience to strengthen the Group’s borrowing and financial management abilities and also to support the global consolidation of the Group’s financial activities.

Director of Cocoa Trading

Daniel McNamara

Daniel McNamara has been with Transmar since the company’s founding and is the Group’s key technical trader, with nearly 40 years of experience in trading cocoa, during which time he has led the Group’s sales and procurement activities in the Americas region.


Integrity. Leadership. Responsiveness. Compassion.

Born out of these core values is our vision to become the leading independent cocoa industry supply chain service provider offering solutions that work for small, medium, and multinational enterprises.

In order to achieve this vision in a marketplace that is constantly evolving, we have made it our mission to continuously exceed expectations by providing the highest quality products and nimblest solutions that reflect our market insight and our customers’ business models. Transmar is a global leader today because we are always improving our systems, services, and solutions.

Change is at the heart of our marketplace and is therefore embedded in our company DNA. As we look to expand our markets and services, we will always seek to set and raise standards every step of the way.


Transmar Group holds a unique position in the cocoa industry.

We are a vertically integrated cocoa supply chain manager and global service provider to both upstream and downstream stakeholders in the value chain. We understand that as the cocoa industry evolves, our business must evolve as well.

In response to industry consolidation, Transmar Group is creating a global network of independent stakeholder partners and is empowering these partners with global shared services and access to end-user markets.

Our reach has expanded to include origin teams on three continents and commercial and production networks across five. This versatility allows us to adapt to the changing needs of the market.


What does it mean to work with the leading independent cocoa supply chain service provider?

When you choose to work with Transmar Group, it means unmatched responsiveness that promises personalized, price-competitive, and comprehensive programs to customers large and small. It means strong customer relationships that are built on cooperation, not competition.

It means access to a global network of state-of-the-art facilities, market research and expertise, and risk management services. Finally, it means consistency and experience that can only be found in a management team that has been continuously trading cocoa for over 35 years.